Squat New York - Pereg Quinoa Pops

"Challenge: Pereg is a family-owned company that has been in the business for over 100 years, specializing in over 60 varieties of gourmet herbs and spices. When the company decided to branch out to a new business segment and put their flavorings on quinoa, they approached Squat New York to create an image that would convey the multitude of what they have to offer."

"Solution: Squat New York designed the packaging in such a way that appeals to consumers’ five senses, which impacts their purchasing decision. We want to ensure that the sensory aspects of the packaging is harnessed with the texture, the shape, and most of all, the taste in mind. With four different flavors; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and original, we created a unique color palette to represent each flavor. The visual components of the packaging generate a better overall impression and connection between customers and the product."

Designed by Squat New York