Tridimage - Brugal Papá Andrés

"Named in affectionate tribute to the company founder Don Andrés Brugal, Papá Andrés ultra premium rum was originally created for and consumed by five generations of the Brugal family on special occasions."

"The Brugal family has been making Papá Andrés for generations - the distillery is 125 years old. Every year, the Maestros Roneros take some of the best liquid from Brugal's casks and add it to the special Papá Andrés casks.

The challenge was to design the most precious treasure for the Brugal family. It had to be a respectful homage to the company´s founder, to honor his devoted dedication and passion to establish the most important Dominican Rum brand. This prestigious brand needed to create a very unique identity for its bottle design as well as a magnificent treasure chest style box containing a booklet explaining the rum production process."

"The inspiration for the crystal decanter structural design came from the royal crowns to communicate luxury and excellence while for the graphics the starting point was the exotic and attractive Caribbean architecture. The royal imagery delivers the glamour and exclusivity to the brand.

The crystal decanter was manufactured by a world renowned crystal manufacturer in Sienna, Italy. An ornate metal neck collar graces its slender neck and a metal face plaque has been hand polished and finished with a sandblast engraving inspired by Dominican architecture."

"The gift box, made out of lacquered wood with an engraved curved metal plaque, houses the decanter, crystal stopper and the booklet."

Designed by Tridimage