Stuart Tolley - Transmissions - Collector's Edition: Innovative Packaging and Design.

"Collector's Edition is an original and exciting visual survey of innovative graphic and product design created for special collector's, limited or deluxe editions. From limited-edition magazines with multiple cover options to lavish vinyl box sets supplied with a wealth of extras, Collector's Edition is the first publication to showcase the new wave of lovingly produced objects being created for the music, book and magazine industries.

Organised into four sections – Boxed, Multiples, Hand and Extras – it features a broad range of formats and genres. From a human sized skull made entirely from Gummy Brears, for the band The Flaming Lips, to the sculptural download monolith created by Ghostly International, author Stuart Tolley explores the rise of highly crafted items made using the latest production techniques."

"This is a book that links the passion and connectivity between creators and collectors whilst highlighting the massive increase in vinyl record sales and independent publishing in recent years, even as we enter a 'streaming era'. However, Collector's Edition is resolutely not anti-digital and some of the most innovative examples in the book often combine analogue and digital technology to great effect.

From Haruki Murakami to Bjork, from Mario Testino to David Bowie and from Penguin Press to Chris Ofili, each example in Collector's Edition has been specially photographed and is accompanied by a brief yet detailed project description, a reference system for the reader to identity the format, materials and finish used in the design, plus full credits for the client, record label, publisher and designer behind the work."

"A series of interviews with leading creatives including Stanley Donwood, Irma Boom, Alec Soth, Dinos Chapman, Stefan Sagmeister and The Flaming Lips delve deeper into the creative processes behind the featured projects and give an insight into these artists and designers' practices.

Collector's Edition will be the essential reference for all professional designers who want to be inspired by the very best and most innovative work as well as music and design fans and collectors."

 Collector’s Edition: Innovative Packaging and Graphics : Authored by Stuart Tolley - Transmissions, and published by Thames and Hudson.