PB Creative - Comfort Intense

"PB Creative have collaborated with Comfort to design an exciting new range of ultra concentrated Fabric Conditioners for Unilever.

Comfort Intense combines a range of four intense fragrances across three regional brands in an ultra concentrated formula, which delivers outstanding softness and amazing lasting freshness from just a tiny dose.

The creative challenge was to deliver a holistic 2D and 3D pack design that successfully embodied the benefits of the ultra concentrated formula and encouraged consumers to adjust their habits and use a much smaller dose."

"The droplet inspired pack emphasises the concentrated essence of the product whist the explosive 2D design captures the sheer intensity, freshness and softness of each fragrance.

B Creative worked closely with both the brand and packaging teams to ensure all facets of the design intent were upheld throughout production and implementation."

Designed by  PB Creative

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