Katarina N Gois - 100 redesigns in 100 days

"Great Discontent published an article about #100dayproject promoted by Elle Luna (@elleluna), after reading it I thought it would be an exciting challenge to participate. 
For a period of 100days straight I redesigned existing packaging.
The results of each day were posted on Instagram and on Tumblr, before and after images.
The project execution would vary from 20min to 4hours."

"There were some interesting moments. Sometimes I really liked particular concepts and people wouldn't react to it. Other times, when I wasn't expecting it, they would love it. I also noticed during the project that some colors would have a better reception than others, and that was interesting. Blue and green were usually more popular.

Sometimes I did "repacking" that could go on the shelves, and others like Day 057 // Day 015, I was just sharing an idea to make people think about things in a different way, it was fun to see some reactions. For example, Day 045 and Day 049 are both, they look nice, but they are also controversy. The one that I enjoyed the most was Day 019 • Flour packaging. Creating the typography with flour using painting brushes was an ambitious and messy idea. However, it was challenging and fun to do. Also, I think it looks great! And the one that I would like to see in the supermarket would be Day 004 • Tampax Pearl. I know that it sounds feminist, but these kind of products have such a pharmacy look in general, it's so unpleasant."

Designed by Katarina N Gois