Affinity Creative Group - 1000 Stories

"A Wine for Bourbon Drinkers

Fetzer Vineyards approached us with an idea: a wine targeted at Whiskey drinkers. Tasked with brand strategy, naming, branding, and packaging design we set off to create what is now one of our most defining pieces of work, 1000 Stories."

"From American Buffalo to 1000 Stories

The brand was to hit home with a target market comprised of “Americana” millennials who loved the outdoors and embrace their heritage. They aren’t wine-snobs; they are down-to-earth, leather-chair-sitting, guitar-picking, whiskey-drinking humans. However as the brand began to progress and take shape we shifted our naming focus from an emphasis on the emblem of “Americana” (the buffalo) toward the authenticity movement. From American Buffalo to 1000 Stories, encouraging the consumer to make stories, and share stories while enjoying wine."

"Bourbon Barrel-Aged wine that is true to the heart of American. Let your story be told."

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