Rawasim - Ring of the dove book and package

"This is a limited edition book that has 15 printed artworks on high quality papers, the different artworks have been chosen from Bahraini artist Ebrahim Busaad exhibition (The Ring of The Dove) that was done in 2011.

Client brief: It has been requested to add the classical touch while designing the book and the package so it can emerged with the authenticity of the place, as well as, efficiency was needed to cater for different type of segment.

Outcome: Meranti Wooden materiel was used as a package for the book, with customized brass cut out in Arabic calligraphy positioned in the middle of the package that has the year of production and piece serial number. Each book has a unique serial number and each book is signed by the artist himself. High quality papers was used for each paper inside the book so customers can use it as artworks therefore, this have created more exposure to the brand as each book contain 15 different artworks that can be framed and hanged in the walls."

Designed by Rawasim