Brand Society - The Natural Confectionary Co.

"The Natural Confectionery Co. had established it's position as the leader in ‘natural’ confectionery. The challenge the popular brand faced, was that competitors were quickly entering the market with similar 'natural' claims and offers. The brand needed to find a more unique communication platform to express it's honesty and transparency, without being preachy or patronising. "

"With a bold and wry sense of humour, we grasped the opportunity to reinvent the individual characters, delivering the company credentials in a proud and engaging way. The characters took a stance and said ‘no!' to all baddies - artificial colours and preservatives, communicating with honesty and transparency.

Graphically, we intentionally shifted away from the category norm of 3D modelled characters, developing a modern, story-book illustration style, reinforcing the innovation-based company and its leadership approach."

Designed by Brand Society