Andrew Zo & Jessica WS Wong - Mike & Samy's Ocean Adventure Book

"Mike and Samy's Ocean Adventure" is a children's pop up storybook created by Andrew Zo (packaging designer) and Jessica Wong (illustrator). Being cat lovers, Andrew and Jessica chose to create a story about the adventure of two cat brothers. With charming illustrations and intricate pop up mechanisms, the book invites the reader into the world of Mike and Samy.

The project was completed through Emily Carr University's Leeway Artist in Residency program. Andrew and Jessica challenged themselves to create intriguing illustrations with pop up mechanisms that support the flow of the story. Page by page, as the story progresses, so does the paper engineering which increases in complexity.

Story synopsis: The story follows the adventures of two cats, Mike and Samy and their unexpected adventure on the ocean."

Designed by Andrew Zo , Illustrations by Jessica W.S. Wong

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