Hired Guns Creative - Raised By Wolves Wild IPA

"Born of Equinox hops and raised under the influence of Saccharomyces Trois, this beast has developed a taste for mango, citrus and melon, with a nose to match. Hear the call: this one was abandoned to the wild."

"For this Wild IPA, our goal was to combine a sense of the beer’s fruity flavours with the untamed nature of the yeast. We chose the name Raised By Wolves for its immediate connections to the wild, as well as to suggest a familiar narrative, setting our scene in the jungle. Bright, saturated, tropical colours helped suggest the flavours of the beer while simultaneously keeping our wolves on the right continent. For a final touch, we pushed our dielines into uncharted territories: this label doesn’t just stand out, it pounces off the shelf."

"Raised By Wolves also included the debut of the new crown cap that we designed for all of the Driftwood brews:"