Kulibinbrand - Supersemeyka Flakes

"Branding agency KULIBINBRAND (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) has developed for the client company the concept of positioning, logo, packaging design and promotional materials for the new line of flakes Supersemeyka.
The product target audience is a family, and the special focus group is the preschool and school age children.
The basis of the positioning of a new line put the nutritional properties and a high energy potential of flakes. As a rule, most of the flakes producers represent a single image for all types of flavors, Supersemeyka flakes have unique stories related to "superheroes weekdays". Kulibinbrand has developed an original story for each product (currently five). Every story shows something extraordinary action with super heroes family, because they receive high energy from the Supersemeyka flakes. There are interesting "super ruses" for the real heroes on the lateral face on each box. The line will be presented on the market as cardboard boxes and in packets (flow-pack)"

Designed by Kulibinbrand