Mikael Selin, Marcel Pabst - Made in china - Stefan andersson

"In 1743 a ship left the harbour of Gothenburg to sail to China. The roundtrip took two and a half years. When they finally got back to Gothenburg, filled with joy, the ship sank just outside of the docks. This album is based on true stories from the life onboard, their adventure and challenges. Facing pirates and deadly seas. 

The design is based on a clash between Sweden and China. Incorporating chinese illustrations with swedish landmarks and sayings. 

The porcelain concept is based on one of the more desirable trading goods, chinese porcelain. The ship carried around 289 caskets with the back to Sweden. 

Every song song has its own illustration. Giving the listener a visual journey aswell."

Designer/Illustrator: Mikael Selin , Photographer: Marcel Pabst