Squad Ink - Seaworthy Vodka

"We constantly find ourselves dreaming up product ideas that bridge the gap between design and product development and Seaworthy Vodka is one of those ideas that we’re proud has made it off the pages in our scrapbook and into production!

Inspired by the Australian seaside and the glorious Bloody Mary cocktail – Seaworthy’s unique flavour profile is navigated by the native Australian botanicals of Saltbush (tastes like the sea), Dorrigo Pepperleaf, Lemon Myrtle and Coriander seed. The complex currents of sweet and spice come together to create an intriguing spirit worthy of your ultimate Bloody Mary.

A big thanks to Will and the team at Archie Rose Distilling Co. for turning our unorthodox idea for a spirit into a rewarding creation that has transformed our Friday drinks forever!"


Designed by Squad Ink