Fresh Bread Design - Temple Distilling

"There are few greater pleasures in life than sitting down in a big comfortable chair with a great book and an incredible drink. There is romance in opening a book for the first time and letting it draw you into it's story and away from the doldrums of life.

Such is the thought process behind Chapter One Gin from Temple Distilling. Available in both London Dry and Navy Strength, it's classic without being predictable. And that's how we approached the design. We researched vintage leather bound books and allowed them to point us towards styles and layout.

The look and feel of the label is both classic and unique at the same time. The initials are completely custom, embossed and highlighted with just a bit of spot varnish as well as adding embossing in areas that aren't entirely noticeable to the eye in order to change the tactile experience. Everything about this bottle, inside and out, is created to engage the senses just like any good spirit (or book) should."

Designed by Fresh Bread Design