VOLTA | Branding & Digital Studio - Sandeman 225th Anniversary Collection

"History is written with a collection of stories

In 2015, Sandeman celebrated its 225th Anniversary. Their pioneering spirit in the wine business has been unprecedented, with a permanent attitude of innovation and creativity towards its products and the business itself. Always true to its History, Heritage and Legacy, Sandeman is still true to itself and is now not only 225 years old, but also 225 years strong.

Selling no less than an average of 18 bottles per minute, Sandeman is one of the biggest producers in the Porto wine business, constantly thriving to improve its premium perception, with exclusive products that are a testament to its quality.

When they called VOLTA to help them celebrate their anniversary, they asked not only for a premium perception in every material produced but also for us to develop a concept that truly explained the brand’s history and attitude. In close collaboration, we decided to create 6 stories, that together tell the story of The House of Sandeman’s 225-year-old success and commitment to quality."