"Originally from Guadeloupe, BOLOGNE rums reveal an unprecedented new white rum available in a limited edition, and LINEA agency has been entrusted for the creation of its packaging. This is the BLACK CANE Cuvee, the first agricultural rum made from 100% Black Cane.

The graphic presentation identity is intended to be very contrasted, even transgressive, in order to stand out from the traditional range, while preserving some recognition codes.

Two opposed shades intertwine each other. Reinforced with a gloss varnish, a dense and intense black color suggests the powerful and aromatic richness of this great rum."

"A matt white color brings, in turn, more sophistication and prestige to this high-end vintage. Other markers also were selected to confirm its exclusive status: a golden hue suggesting the sparkle and warmth of this premium white rum, and an authentification stamp as an evident reassurance and quality proof.

Once again the selection of this bottle with a substantial glass base definitely achieve this great vintage positioning."

Designed by LINEA Packaging