Device Creative Collaborative - Method + Standard Vodka

"Method + Standard is a vodka for those who care equally about what goes in to the bottle as what comes out of it. This dual-concept approach is embodied in a brand identity as carefully crafted as the vodka itself. Embracing the spirit’s all-natural, additive-free, small-batch sensibility – following it from the sourcing of its off-the-branch ingredients to the memorable experience of the final pour – each design element underpins the notion that it’s the method that creates the standard, and that the two are inseparably intertwined. We began with a name that juxtaposes the themes of creation and consumption, while the label design with artfully considered text running in both directions offers a differing experience upon both viewing and pouring."

"Unadorned, clear bottles highlight the rich, all-natural hue of the spirit, which takes its color from fruit alone. Sustainable uncoated labels featuring commissioned illustrations of unharvested fruit indicate the brand’s back-to-basics approach, while foil lettering revisits the richness of the fruit infusion. Taking it’s cue from the label design, stylish bottle swing-tags incorporate tasting notes and house-created recipes, enticing consumers to experience a boutique spirit that’s proud to be finely crafted - without compromise."