PACKLAB - Bullet Meal

"Nobody has met a cow called CHILL MOOOO, nobody say THAI C’KEN like that, hungry vegetarians don't like being called EDGY VEGGY and just because you put berries in your beef jerky bar doesn't mean you can called it BUCK JERKY.

Bullet Meal is a Finnish start-up brand with the big ambition to redefine the market for ready-meals. Offering the first for the market savory protein bars, the brand packs a punch in a high-quality selection of convenient meal bars for people on the go in the city, on the road or in the nature. We took a playful approach to the design, creating an approachable brand, equally friendly to the office worker and the extreme mountain climber alike. The design is allows incorporating the narratives, embedded in the product naming and playful visuality, into advertisement, social media campaigns and engaging promotion."

Designed by PACKLAB