Susami Creative Agency - Moria Elea Deluxe

"Moria Elea is the name of the first olive tree that was planted on the Acropolis by Athena, patron-goddess of Athens, according to Greek mythology. That way, the goddess earned love and respect from the people of the city, who, from that point on, were able to benefit from olive oil's nutritional and therapeutical powers. The myth is still remembered in modern Greece, more than 2.500 years later.

Moria Elea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted  from superior quality "Manaki" and "Koroneiki" olives from Ermioni-Kranidi, in Argolida, Peloponissos. Its exceptional taste and superior quality place it in a high position in the global deluxe olive oil market. Given that, its packaging design reflects its uniqueness, as well as its connection with the ancient myth of Moria Elea. The cloth we used is a reference to the traditional olive-picking technique used in the Mediterranean since the antiquity and is hand-printed and sewn. The pyrographed wooden gift box adds a further hand-made feel to the whole."