Nettio - Belfry

"Belfry allows men to express themselves through their leather goods, allowing them to customize their own. That is the reason why all of their products are handmade, in a personal and artisan way. Every cardholder, wallet, iPad organizer or briefcase that comes out of their workshop is completely unique and can be customized in the online configurator in which the customer can choose color combinations and emboss his initials.
All Belfry products come with a card with the craftsman’s signature and date of production. This card and the warranty and care booklet comes in a embossed envelope. Once opened you can feel the orange scent, significant to the brand’s origin, Valencia. "

"Belfry’s brand identity, designed by Nettio, shows the concepts in which the brand was born and serve to define the products standards: quality, strength and durability. The font used, elegant and timeless and packaging in neutral colors make the product stand out."

"Thanks to the packaging we can know the secrets of Belfry’s history and why Antonio, his founder, decided to start a project that defends sustainable fashion and slow fashion concepts."

Designed by Nettio