Shumi Love Design - Кочари Armenian Cognac

"The client has set the task of creating a packaging design for Kochary brandy that would be instantly identify the product as Armenian. The agency had to stick to all the rules of packaging this type of drinks, while creating a modern looking design that would make the product stand out from the rest of the competition on the product shelf.

The overall style of the packaging design created by the agency corresponds to the general rules of packaging for Armenian brandies. This is exhibited through the use of traditional graphic elements and font types, which provide geographic identification of the product. Of course, the design also features a stylized image of mountains, which are a national source of pride and nearly a compulsory element for packaging design for all the products coming from this country. The typical ethnic patterns frame the central part, which features the brand name and all the main information. In order to obtain more volume and brightness, the production process of the label involved the application of special post-printing techniques."

Designed by Shumi Love Design