Sol Benito - Espada Oro/Nero Perfume

"Description: Conceptualized from the visual narratives of battlefields that Spaniards were famous for. Their medieval metaphor of heroism and bravery was translated into the concept for this product along with the name that means 'blade' or 'sword' and rightfully so. Since the shape and styling were designed to resemble a miniature of Spanish weapon.

The key objective of the brief was to synthesize history and His story where the sensuality is combined with subtle aggressiveness of a man's character.

Thus the job scope was to find an ultimate object of man's identity that denotes bravery, courage and indomitable spirit. So we took a leaf from the ancient history and picked up this straight, elegant and powerful mnemonic of manliness. A sword in its classic avatar, this product concept was further enhanced by using right set of material, finish and production technique. The color palette was kept minimal with black and silver as prominent while bottle surface was treated to give it a glistening manly look."

"Anatomy of the product:
Cap: is made of solid ZAMAC
Collar: is made with ABS material with silver galvanizing for outer surface finish
Bottle: Transparent glass bottle is fire polished. Fire polishing is a method of polishing a material by exposing it to a flame or heat. By melting the surface of the material, surface tension smoothes the surface out."

Designed by Sol Benito , Vishal Vora