Zoo Studio - Cacao Barry Conduru | The World's 50 Best '16

"Conduru is an exclusive chocolate that comes from a small cocoa plantation in Brazil. With this cocoa, 100 chocolate cylinders of 1 kg have been produced in order to get a limited series of 100 packs. The first of them, and always the most special, was delivered to Pierre Hermé, named the world’s best pastry chef at the 2016 World’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony in New York. 
The concept and design of the pack come from the idea of taking advantage of the main material that farmers use to store the cocoa, the wood. So, we searched different kinds of wood, with different thicknesses, some natural woods, and some other with natural dying. The chromatic composition and the different thicknesses provide rhythm, spontaneity and a recall of respect towards the environment. The combination of colours and thicknesses of the wood make all the packs different. The cylindric form gives it a lot of personality and a touch of exclusivity. Also in the design of the brand Conduru, the use of different kinds of font with the unbalanced kernnings reinforce the idea of improvisation and the fact that it is a genuine pack. The cylinder of chocolate comes protected by golden metal paper, a color that combines perfectly with the different tones of wood of the outside. The pack gets closed by magnets."