Can Design - Casa S. Miguel

"New Logotype and packaging for olive oil, can and bottle, and a wooden box for 3 cans.
The client old prestigious family that produces since 1837 is located in Trás-os-Montes, North of Portugal. So we created a vintage and prestigious look that reflects this characteristics.
We created 2 small can 200 ml and 500ml for 2 different olive oil variety. Because of production costs we had to make the can with same design. Cans were designed to have them as gift. The bottle we wanted to have the same prestige look as a good botle of wine. In the bottle we have gold foil printing direct in the glass so the logo can have more space, and a smaller label with gold foil with product information.
The can has a more vintage look and is an unusual type of packaging for the olive oil. The small capacity can makes the product a collectible item, a new type of gift, so consumers can buy as a souvenir or gift like a wine gift. And we also designed a wood box for 3 small cans to have a collection."

Designed by Can Design , Ana Lisa