More from Less - Aloha Kākao

" Aloha Kākao is a concept pack for a luxurious organic chocolate brand, developed by More from Less.

Tapping into consumers' growing concerns about 'clean' foods and provenance, the Aloha Kākao consumer packaging evokes the natural, organic roots of luxury Hawaiian chocolate with its blooming, floral structure. It delivers elements of surprise, discovery and delight with a modern, dynamic shape that stands out on shelf. Visually, it uses high contrast to reinforce the bold flavour combinations and project strong block branding when displayed side by side. The packaging is designed to bring surprise and delight to the unwrapping experience enhancing perceptions of luxury.
The Aloha Kākao design is extended into several touch points in store as the primary pack, the SRP, the POS and theatralisation to generate a maximum stand-out in today's retail environment."

Designed by More from Less