Sabina Alcaraz - Turrones y Dulces Alcaraz Sirvent

"Turrones y Dulces Alcaraz Sirvent is a tradicional brand of Turrón that elaborates typical sweets of Jijona, a small city in Spain.

Sabina Alcaraz has redesigned the brand and all the products packaging.
In order to achieve that, she wanted to get in to the world of the traditional and typical of the land that gives rise to all products, Jijona. The prints are the protagonists in these Turrón bars. Extracted from cloaks and skirts of the typical costumes,mainly used in Jijona's traditional dance,these drawings dress and deck the nougat out of the conventional design of the sector.
"We wanted to differentiate ourselves within the nougat sector of Jijona and Alicante with a current label design that brakes with already established in most brands".
The new design of the Turrón bar meets the goal of innovating, differentiating itself from the common codes of most Turrón. And being innovative, it brings together the concepts of craftmanship, tradition and gift."

Designed by Sabina Alcaraz