Brij design studio - Yummy for Mummy milk powder

"Yummy for Mummy is a new brand of healthy food for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Identity and packaging design emphasize the brands name. Disclosing all the goodness and establishing the brand proposition without too much fuss. Packaging conveys health and the joy of such tasty and healthy food. Brand differentiating ideas have been brought to life with cheerful and appealing visual identity.

Scientific Brain Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd, manufactures food scientifically and nutritiously. This USP is conveyed by the DNA strand in the background. It rightly advocates brand ethos, that there's science in everything we do. Two flavors of chocolate and vanilla with cardamom and distinguished by the green or brown colour band."

"Logo colour is soothing purple with typo in white. The colour palate represents moments of joy it brings to a woman's life in this stage.
Typography is fine tuned to incorporate a pregnant woman and curves. The identity subtly incorporates backdrop of a woman symbolizing strength that makes Yummy for Mummy brand and packaging distinctive and recognizable.
The scientific goodness of the food is conveyed in three hexagons.

Fortified with essential vitamins, Nourished with calcium and iron, enriched with DHA and choline- these USP's were thoughtfully selected and highlighted in the pack.
The international feel of the pack and the logo with a pregnant woman encodes the promise of quality as well as the joy of motherhood."

Designed by Brij design studio