Sana Naeem - A Delectable Mystery Cheese Box

"The packaging design of King's Choice's Delectable Cheese Mystery Box aims to provide a gourmet experience to cheese lovers in a surprisingly interactive and beautiful way.  The audience is likely upper-middle class sophisticates who are drawn to unique packaging and adventurous flavors."

"The exterior packaging speaks of luxury and intrigue. Each triangle of cheese originates from the region of Europe displayed, but can you guess exactly where? Unwrap the blue silken ribbon, lift the lid, and a box flowers open to unveil the surprise flavor within. The labeling serves dual purpose: 1) to inform you of the type of cheese, a description of its history and geographical origin, and a little illustration of the animal it comes from; and 2) to rest the cheese itself on once you've unwrapped it so your dinner guests know what they are enjoying. The slice of cheese itself is wrapped in a motif of waves, a nod to the distance it has traveled to get to your door. Unwrap it, learn a little about where it comes from, and enjoy! 

Can any cheese lover resist the temptation of a golden mystery box of fine European delecacies?"


Designed by Sana Naeem

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