Kuudes Kerros, Piëtke Visser - Arla Ihana Yoghurt

"In Finland you have basically two choices when it comes to yoghurt: either a functional snack or a really sugary snack. An indulgent treat that adds joy to your life doesn’t exist. Arla wanted to develop the current Ihana Yogurt brand to be a more delicious and indulgent product for a target group who value treats as an essential part of their everyday life. This included redesigning the current brand identity. One key insight gathered from consumer studies we’ve conducted, is that treats need to be worth their calories. The reasons people buy treats are emotional, not functional so the concept needed to reflect this, and could even be a little bit decadent. Our aim was to design an intense and mellow looking pack that would suggest marvellous flavour combinations and cleverly counter the conventionality of yogurt, with bold design choices. The end result is a dramatic design solution that successfully sets Ihana apart from the current yoghurt selection in the market."