Yannis Aggelakos Print & Multimedia - "melitokraso" - Greek Mead

"Paraskevas Sotiralis in Neapolis Laconia, produces an exceptional local mead. I had designed the previous label for the 250 ml packaging, but after the product got momentum, I was commissioned to redesign my label into a new and more stylish one for placing the product in gourmet / high-end shops.
The type was intended to be very unique in style, complementing the stylish 250ml Nocturne Carre bottle design (and the artwork below, is the local Venetian castle of Aghia Paraskevi-a local landmark and very closely associated with the producer.
White and gold metallic where used, to complement the mead's old and traditional attributes."

"The Sotirale-Bio mead is a traditional alcoholic drink made from honey and water via fermentation.
It features a strong honey scent, a pleasant sweet and slightly acidic flavor balanced between honey and wine, and is of full texture in the mouth.
A drink regarded by tradition as not only the ancestor of all fermented drinks but also as the “Ambrosia” of the Gods; a traditional alcoholic drink made by bee-keepers at Vatika-Lakonia since lost times."