Studio h - Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water

"Studio h has created the bottle, brand and packaging design for Svalbardi polar iceberg water. Svalbardi is harvested from icebergs freshly calved off glaciers in the remote polar region of the Svalbard archipelago,1,000 kilometres from the North Pole. The pristine ice, thousands of years old and fresh as the day it fell as snow, is captured, melted and bottled before it melts away. The water is so pure it is almost mineral free. 'The taste of snow in air'.

"To convey the unique source and purity of this water, the graphic elements on the bottle have been kept to the minimum to enhance the bottle shape and allow the water to evoke stillness and purity" says Rob Hall, Studio h Creative Partner. A simple coloured band echoes the beautiful blue and green hues found in icebergs and the wooden cap was inspired by Arctic driftwood. The gentle flaring of the bottle neck creates a perfectly balanced grip for pouring and the addition of a gift tube is unusual in the bottled water market, singling out Svalbardi as a unique purchase. Svalbardi iceberg water is harvested twice a year and produced as a limited edition for the international luxury market."

Designed by Studio h