Why? Brand Design - LUX Japan Sakura, Unilever

"Each year, Japanese people and thousands of tourists wait in anticipation for ‘Sakura’.
A magical time in Japan during Spring when the Cherry Blossom trees bloom.

The LUX team wanted to pay homage to this cultural tradition by developing a 2016 Spring limited edition body wash for the Japanese consumer. Why? Brand Design, was appointed the task to bringing this to life on the pump bottles and the refill pouches.

The Japanese word “Hanami” came to mind, literally meaning “flower viewing” and represents the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers. Inspiration was taken from the overall experience of what people see and feel when participating in “Hanami”.

Differentiated from the core range, which shows a single flower, the ‘Sakura Dream’ limited edition displays a cluster offlowers representing the way Japan looks as
the Cherry Blossoms dazzles on the branches in cool spring breeze, and is symbolic of the togetherness of people as they unite to celebrate nature’s beauty.

The delicate feminine pink hues of the floral bouquet differentiates it from the core range, which uses more saturated and intense colour. It adds to the overall experience of the elegant floral scent of fully bloomed Sakura flowers with French Jasmine, a fragrance composed by world-class perfume experts."

Designed by Why? Brand Design