kollektiv - Barambo, Bar-time branding

"Chocolate manufacturer "Barambo" came to us to help bring life to their new brand.
Taking into consideration that there is no exact time when human beings love to have chocolate and that we are all different just like our own wishes, still there is one thing that unites us all – we all want chocolate when we want it. "Bar Time" is not a usual chocolate bar, it is a whole new experience it is the time for having chocolate.
We came up with the naming which transformed the brand itself into experience. Naming inspired design language, which was implemented into a colorful and playful way.
Bar-Time is meant to become the leader of local market, alongside being one of the first international brands of its kind."

Design by Buba Radiani and Giorgi Kalmakhelidze, copywriting Levan Gvinianidze / kollektiv