FAZdesign - Ovos Pintados NUGALI

"Easter is one of the most celebrate dates worldwide during the year, and when the we are close to this holiday season chocolate is highlighted, mainly in the form of Easter Eggs, one of the great symbols of this holiday.

Regaling people with an Easter Egg is a tradition that crossed centuries and came to southern Brazil by german immigrants, along with egg painting tradition in the Easter season.

Inspired by this tradition, FAZdesign created unique designs with a contemporary language, and used a careful selection of colors for stamping eggs, celebrating the magic and joy of this period.

The minimalist packaging cardboard, acts as a frame for "Painted Eggs" which are packed in a transparent plastic cradle that promote broad view thereof, while protecting them.

Special finishes applied to packaging and to the strap, also in cardboard, give the characteristic elegance and sophistication of Nugali, making the product an excellent choice for gift-giving."

Designed by FAZdesign