Pocket Rocket Creative - Leading 42 Limited Edition

"The limited edition Ledaig 42 whisky is a celebration of one of the company's historic stills. The packaging was designed by PRC and manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging to complement the luxury and history of this famous brand. Each bottle is housed in a sophisticated wooden box, which is decorated with a range of high quality copper features; the front door is embossed with the famous Ledaig branding, and an adjustable fitment holds the bottle neatly in place.

The wooden box is presented in a bespoke, velvet lined, leather-covered box, which features a carry handle for easy transportation.

The antiqued character of the copper and wood craftsmanship is enhanced by the hand-stitched seams of the real leather lining of each box. The front of the box features metal lettering, applied by hand.

With only 500 produced, each box also holds a leather wallet which contains an individually numbered copper card, manufactured from the now decommissioned Ledaig 42 still."

Designed by Pocket Rocket Creative , Manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging