Mormedi - Treasurer Vape

"Treasurer Vape is an e-cigarette kit designed by the Swiss brand Nexvap. Developed as a "starter kit" for customers new to vaping but seeking the full experience, it was launched in 2015 and features bespoke packaging designed by Mormedi, developed and manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging. The pack includes one black and silver Nexvap e-cigarette, and four bottles of e-liquid in differing flavours.

The pack itself comprises two sleek rigid board boxes, which are held tightly in place by a black carton sleeve. Remove the twin soft touch boxes from this sleeve and you will find one containing the e-cigarette and electronic accessories, and one containing the e-liquid. All the items inside this pack are held securely in place by fitted card, and are revealed when you slide off the lids of the shoebox-style boxes.

The simple, practical design reflects Nexvap's modern minimalism, while the silver foil detailing adds an appealing dash of glamour."

Designed by Mormedi , Manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging