KINETIQ Design Bureau - Bowler Ale

"We created a new brand identity for Bowler and Bowler IPA, Gletcher Brewery's craft ales. Our clients wanted to develop an original design for the British-style ales, representing classic taste in a modern context. The beer naming was inspired by black bowler, a wide known symbol of British style. Logo characters - amber fox for Bowler and green Indian crocodile for Bowler IPA - are memorable and attractive for the retail customers. Though the characters are united by a traditional tattoo style, they have their own personalities which reflect the peculiarities of each beer taste — classic, but at the same time a little rowdy and adventurous for Bowler, and brutal, rebellious, hard for Bowler IPA. The beers have been already warmly welcomed by craft beer lovers. Brands are now distributed through HoReca channels, as well as in retail."