Coats Design - Hubbards Toppers Breakfast & Snacking mixes

"Personalising the breakfast and snacking experience is a new and growing trend for a group of consumers called 'tinkerers'. Whether for health reasons, lifestyle, taste or texture experience, consumers are wanting to customise to suit their individual tastes and needs. Hubbards have developed a family of 4 mixes to cater for this growing trend, each created with a specific consumer in mind.

The packs have been designed to reflect the promise of each mix in a compelling manner, as well as fit within the Hubbards brand language – quirky, engaging, honest and down-to-earth. Bold, loose typography and illustrations are heroes on pack, adding a sense of enjoyment and promise relating to the contents – whether it's being indulgent, healthy or energising. Colours are bright but natural with strong story telling components describing the versatility and usage. This is a tight knit range of convenient, take anywhere packs with a 'small-batch made' quality that aim to inspire and delight."

Designed by Coats Design