Esra Røis - Yoplait Double 0% Limited edition

Esra Roise is a Norwegian freelance illustrator based in Oslo whose work is highly renowned worldwide. She has previously worked on projects for VOGUE, Estée Lauder and Stella McCartney, and has now illustrated the package design for Yoplait’s newest yoghurt Double 0%. The print consists of a distinctive and unique floral motive, featuring the designer’s favorite flowers.
“I did not place too much emphasis on the ingredients in my design, despite the fact that the yoghurt contains lots of berries and natural sweetener. It is a brave and great choice of Yoplait to let the packaging stand strong as a visual element. This has been a very exciting and fun project to work on,” Roise says."

"Innovative package design
Esra focused on summer elements in her design. The result was a combination of her own favorite flowers; lilies, daisies and poppies combined with leaves. The Stevia plant is also included to emphasize the natural sweetener in the yoghurt. Carl Andre Pedersen, Brand Manager for Yoplait in Norway, is excited about letting Esra unfold her creativity on the package, without focusing too much on the ingredients.
“We usually feature the products’ ingredients as a main element of our package designs, but we wanted to try something new and exciting for this Limited Edition and give people something novel that had not been seen before. We also wanted to provide a healthy alternative for those who prefer ingredients of a more natural origin and who appreciate aesthetics as well. It is a new and exciting experience to treat the pack as an art canvas. When you look at how stunningly beautiful and creative Esra’s art is and what she has achieved internationally, it is truly an honor to have her as a partner,” says Pedersen.
During the campaign period, customers can win prints signed by Esra Roise and the grand prize will be a trip to Paris."

Illustrated by Esra Røis