Taxi Studio - Polo

"To turn POLO into a modern British classic, we created a precise and powerful design system as iconic as The Mint With The Hole® itself.

Creating a Modern British Classic
The iconic British mint, was in danger of becoming a forgotten classic. With decreasing shelf space, relevance and sales, this beloved brand was in need of a refresh.

Our task was threefold: improve stand out, create crystal clear range navigation and evolve the brand to drive radical reappraisal with a younger audience, without alienating our core, older consumers. 

Most importantly, we needed to turn POLO into a modern British classic."

"A Hole New Look
To make a modern classic, you need to understand what brand elements have the potential to become classic and which are simply clutter. We conducted a brand deconstruct to separate the expendable (dynamic swooshes, clunky, colourful typography) from the essential (bold logotype, green/white/blue colour palette, the iconic ‘O’, blue holding device).

Now we had the brand building blocks in place, we leafed through the archives for inspiration and set about creating a design as iconic as The Mint With The Hole® itself. First seen on a 1950s pack, we applied the principles of POLO’s perfect and pristinely white ‘O’ to the full brandmark to simplify, iconise and increase stand out at fixture."

"The Hole Range
We also rationalised POLO’s green into a drop shadow and resurrected a bold holding device to add precision and masterbrand presence across all variants. 

Finally, a striking burst of colour created punchy range navigation and added to the overall brand blocking effect. This, paired with beautiful CGI renders of the sweets, meant we had a brand system that could be effortlessly rolled out across all pack formats."

"A Hole Lot More
On shelf and beyond, the new brand has bags of potential with a number of activations already underway. Clean and colourful, contemporary and classic, precise and powerful, this fresh new look is simply perfect for POLO. "

Designed by Taxi Studio