Aleksandra Godlewska - Bitch beer (student project)

"Packaging for the craft beer BITCH is in fact a fictitious rebranding for Portuguese brand VADIA (eng. bitch) created for the purpose of student project. Original label refers to vulgar meaning of brand’s name - presents provocative female figure, is offensive, humbling and – in my opinion – just distasteful.
While designing new packaging I intended to break away from pejorative meaning of the word ‘bitch’ and amuse customer by pointing out different interpretation - I have created series of simple, minimalistic illustrations portraying 4 females of dogs."

"I decided to display Chihuahua, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel and Great Dane. Why? Because I believe appearance and temper of each of those types of dogs can be a reference for one kind of beer. The result I was hoping to achieve is catchy and funny label design, which would entertain potential client – just like beer itself."