DAC design am chiemsee - Dactari Fine Spirits Edition

"Dactari is a young Brand in Spirits, FineFood and NonFood Accessories. The Spirits are the Main products. The spirits are German Cacao Spirit "The story of Kacato" , the Original German Gin "I dream of Gini" and the Original German Wodka "All About Woody" They all have been successfully positioned in the market in different Countries in Europe. The Brand was featured with their special packaging in international Lifestyle & Food Magazines like "InStyle", "Living at Home" or "Mixology" and "Beef"."

The Brand was designed by DAC design am chiemsee, they are also responsible for the distribution. The Drawings are originally reinterpreted Illustrations by "Grandville", a french political Illustrator, who was living in Paris during the 19th century. DAC also has taken part during the Illustration festival "Illustrative 2016" in Berlin, and presented Prints of Grandville drawings in combination with their spirits. DACTARI is also part of the "World Exhibition Tour" "Handmade in Germany", an exhibition of german manufacturer, with special Design and technical attitudes. Dactari products are free from Plastic, Sugar, synthetic flavours, and any conservation substance. The Bottles and cans can all be recycled or upcycled."