kissmiklos - Pastor winery’s Red wine 2016

"Wine labels for Pastor winery’s Kadarka, Blaufränkisch and Bikavér. Pastor winery's bottles have a very little design efforts, this detail comes from our everyday lives, clothing labels. This little piece of label make the wine bottles to stand out from the sea of other wine bottles in shops. We use this since 2012, when I designed the Pastor identity."

"THE 1ST LIMITED SERIES: With little funny concepts for all kind of wines:

Blaufränkisch: Blaufränkisch has a false story. During the Napoleonic Wars, the french soldiers paid one blue paper money (franc) for this wine. So I evoke this false story with the Napoleon's portrait."

"Bikavér: (Bull's blood) This was the winery's 1st Bikavér. So I show a young bull's head on the label."

"Kadarka: I designed this label's front like an old encyclopedia page, which show this kind of grapevine."

"THE 2ND LIMITED SERIES: These are simple and elegant labels."

Designed by kissmiklos , Photos: Bálint Jaksa