Brij Design Studio - Hair colour shampoo

"Designing the packaging for Korra hair colouring shampoo was challenging because of various reasons. Firstly the new concept of hair colour shampoo should be effectively communicated along with its other qualities like it works fast, unisex product, made with supreme ingredients, etc. With the use of appropriate ingredients of image, copy, layout and font we made the consumer to view their hair colour shampoo choice as one that can make a difference in the way they look, smell and feel. The dominance of green colour symbolises eco-friendly and naturally made ingredients. With the image of a male and a female with bouncy, long and luxurious tresses that catches the sunshine and the attention of every male and female, this pack was a sure hit on the shelves.
These packages distinguish themselves from everything else on a crowded shelf and communicate the product, brand and the key advantages in the first 4 second scan. At the end of the day, the true magic of good package design is in the creative inspiration that, we at BRIJ DESIGN STUDIO bring to the table."

Designed by  Brij Design Studio