KIAN - Deutsche Erbschaft (NBC)

"The strategic partnership between Novosibirsk Brewing Company (NBC) and KIAN group gave birth to a complex marketing strategy relying on the main goal of NBC. NBC aims at developing a true culture of beer consumption in Russia by introducing new beer brewing traditions coming from all over the world.

One of the most famous and popular brewing schools in Russia is the German school, which became the base for most of NBC’s mainstream brand portfolio.

The key target group of the mainstream segment of the Russian beer market is men and women aged 25-40. They are active citizens and typical office workers. These consumers do not qualify for “beer gormandize”, but they know that Germany is one of world brewing centers and that German beer is among the best in the world. However, they are tired of this endless range of similar “German” brands and are ready to try new interesting beers with an unusual taste coming from a brand with history."

"The creative concept of the German brand was based on a true story. While travelling through Europe in search of equipment for a new factory the owners of NBC met Fischka, an elderly brewer, in the south of Germany, whose family was engaged in this craft for seven generations. Fischka said that, unfortunately, he could not continue the famous dynasty of brewers as he had only daughters, who did not want to become the successors of the family craft. Therefore, he was happy to pass his brewery in the hands of young professionals from distant Siberia. Thus, the story of German heritage ‘Deutsche Erbschaf’ was born.

When creating a brand, it was decided not to use any standard templates of the category and direct association with ‘Germany’ theme, but to create a modern brand, interesting for innovative young people.

The brand legend was reflected in the name, acronym: DE (Deutsche Erbschaft, which means ‘German heritage’). DE is also the German domain extension, which is identified with German quality. The use of this potential has opened up endless possibilities for developing of all future brand communications."

Designed by KIAN group