Pearlfisher - Havana Club

"After 25 years of global success, Havana Club turned to Pearlfisher to re-establish integrity and balance in its core brand portfolio. To inform and inspire the redesign, we undertook a deep dive into authenticity, rooting the brand reinvention in the creative vision of ‘Exuberant Craft' to inform an identity that is as colourful, emotional and multi-layered as Havana itself.

Working with Cuban artists, Pearlfisher Design combined two classic Cuban aesthetics – 19th Century cigar art and screen printing – to bring the energy and playfulness of the Cuban people together with the artistry inherent in the rum’s production, to life. The structural bottle design is bolder and more substantial, while a series of unique neck tags connects connoisseurs and first-time drinkers alike with the craftsmen behind the rum."

"“Pearlfisher has done a brilliant job to unveil a new look for Havana Club 7 that speaks proudly of our Cuban roots and the people behind this revered rum. This new bottle will bring our Cuban spirit to international Havana Club fans." - Nick Blacknell, Marketing Director at Havana Club"

Designed by Pearlfisher