Maia Faddoul - Happy Sticks

"Happy Sticks was created for the Packaging class at UQAM, It is a project aiming to commercialize cannabis as a product, in the prospect of its possible legalization. The visuals are inspired by 1800s medicine in America, and the use of raw material and earth tones refers to the nature of the product as well as its stylistic influence. The display contains four different kinds of cannabis with varying percentages of THC. The test tubes contain the necessary for a single time use; a pre-rolled joint, a strike anywhere match as well as a container for the ashes.
This packaging was made with the casual user in mind, in order to provide a simple solution for anyone who might want to try the product ( in legal conditions of course), but may not have any experience with it. That is why it offers a range of flavours and types of cannabis according to different criteria such as usage and effect. It is a product that appeals to people in their late 20s to 40s, hence the mature yet trendy look of it. Happy Sticks are a fun, grown up way of enjoying medicinal cannabis and its classy all included packaging is the proof of it."

Designed by Maia Faddoul