Craig Bickett / Sevenfive Creative - Kill Devil Rum

"Centuries ago, Caribbean home made rum was known as 'Kill Devil'. Designed by Sevenfive Creative, The Kill Devil series showcases the very best rum from the caribbean. The range features both limited edition single cask rums as well as quality blended rums.

The label design was inspired by vintage Caribbean stamps with crinkle cut edges and traditional two colour print. The detailed ornamental border with a woodcut illustration of the devil dancing in the flames hint at the heritage of both the rum and brand. The hand drawn typography reinforces the home made roots of the rum but also bring a hand crafted feel to each bottle.

The single cask rums feature individual distillery labels with key details which make each cask unique, such as age and distilled date. The dark tube design features the devil illustration finished in a subtle clear foil to give a premium feel."