Jigna Shah Oza - Orbango Juice Bottle design

"Orbango is a cold pressed juice brand in Mumbai, India. It has freshly squeezed juices and shakes without any preservatives and chemicals with a range of 9 flavours. Consumers anywhere in the city can order juices/shakes from its app or website. It takes 5 seconds to order and the juices are delivered chilled at the doorstep within 45 minutes whether at home, office or on the go!

Orbango juice bottle is very unique and remarkable. A conversation starter among consumers the first time they see it. This phenomenal and peculiar shaped bottle in all its beauty allows it to be sold not only single, but in a pack of 2 and even in a pack of 4 which fits like a whole pizza where in each bottle is like a piece of a pie. This 250ml plastic pet bottle has a very firm and easy grip. A bottle with an edge on one side and a sexy woman curve on the other! Post consuming the yummy refreshing juices, the consumers do not wish to part with the bottle! A range of 9 delicious flavours are indicated with 9 bright colours. The shrink sleeve label design is noteworthy and so flexible that it allows the ingredient of each flavour to be seen clearly. The circular grooves at the bottom of the bottle add character to the eccentric identity of this bottle.

This idiosyncratic shaped bottle is quite a breakthrough in the juice & beverage category! Together the brand has a fresh, playful design that grabs and engages the customer in a new way. Everything the brand is doing is original, fresh and appeals across age groups. It is indeed a brand with an edge!"

Designed by Jigna Shah Oza