"SYRONAOrganic Agave Syrup.
Jalisco may be the state of tequila but it is not the only product that can be produced from the agave or maguey.  Syrona is a brand for a maguey syrup. The name comes after a goddess in celtic mythology, related to the moon phases, femininity and the concept of caring. As agave syrup contains lower glycemic content than sugar and it is an effective antioxidant, we worked on a brand identity that would relate to nature and it´s healing character.
The goal was to create a brand that would project the warm feeling of a caring product, yet at the same time the elegance of a life dedicated to pleasure and nature. We also needed to represent the origin of the product for thenew consumer that is not related to the agave products. Custom types and original artwork were carefully crafted alongside the naming and storytelling of the brand"

Designed by TORO PINTO